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RJS Motors is based in Harlow and our company a dedicated provider of hybrid vehicle repairs, helping customers throughout Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex with our highly specialised services. A hybrid vehicle is best described as a car that has more than one type of power or propulsion system. Usually, this will be a combination of a traditional internal combustion engine plus an electric motor.


In most cases, a hybrid vehicle will be more economical to run and lower in emissions than a non-hybrid model. Understandably, these vehicles require a different approach to car servicing and car repairs than standard passenger vehicles and LCVs.


Hybrid vehicle repairs are more complex and require specialist tools. Our garage in Harlow uses advanced diagnostic equipment that enables us to isolate faults through the vehicle’s subsystem. By plugging directly into a port on the ECU, we receive stored fault codes that are cross-referenced to tell us exactly where the problem lies.


These results allow us to undertake fast, effective car repairs on your hybrid vehicle.

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Hybrid Car Servicing in Harlow for all Makes and Models

Twin drives make hybrid vehicle servicing more complicated and the majority of local maintenance work passes through main dealerships in the Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex areas. Obviously, premium car servicing from main dealers comes at a premium price and many hybrid vehicle owners feel that they have no flexibility or choice when a service is due.


Because RJS Motors are always prepared to invest in innovative new equipment, we can undertake hybrid vehicle servicing work for all customers in or around the Harlow area. Our standards of workmanship are exactly the same as those achieved by main dealerships but because we operate independently, the cost of servicing hybrid vehicles is much lower.


All hybrid car servicing is completed without invalidating existing warranties. We genuinely offer a dealership-standard service at a friendlier, more competitive price.

We Undertake Hybrid Vehicle MOTs in Essex

Hybrid vehicle MOTs are very similar to those undertaken on traditional vehicles with just one form of propulsion but with a couple of marked differences. Back in 2012, the Department of Transport added a number of new items to the MOT test in order to comply with a widening European directive for newer vehicles including hybrids.


Hybrids vehicle MOTs in Harlow and throughout the UK now have additional checks for features such as electronic parking brakes, stability control systems and warning lights. If your hybrid vehicle displays a warning light, we recommend a full diagnosis before your next MOT. The stored fault may be indicative of something that could lead to a test failure.

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